Don't Make These Mistakes After Suffering A Personal Injury

Recovering from an injury is a costly process. There are hospital fees and doctors' bills. Your insurance premiums are liable to increase. If your injury forces you to miss work, you endure hardships as a result of lost wages.

The Scales Law Office is committed to helping injured individuals obtain the compensation they need to recover. Serving Martinsburg and throughout the State's Eastern Panhandle, our attorneys are skilled in recovering damages for clients whose injuries resulted from someone else's negligence or recklessness.

However, even though individuals are entitled to such restitution, many fail to take the appropriate legal measures after they have been hurt. Ultimately, this prevents them from recovering any damages that might ease their financial burdens.

Maximum Compensation For Personal Injury Victims

Insurance companies are rigorous in their endeavors not to pay claims to victims. As such it is important to document every aspect of your injury to get maximum compensation for your injuries. Yet an overwhelming number of individuals overlook basic steps, including:

  • Documenting the accident — It is important to specify where and how your injury occurred, and to have this corroborated by local authorities. This establishes a paper trail that can strengthen any claims you file.
  • Seeking medical attention immediately — Likewise, having a medical professional corroborate that an injury was inflicted in the first place is an essential aspect of any claim.
  • Continuing to consult with doctors — Receiving continuous medical care — and documenting it properly — is crucial. If you decide to halt your medical regimen, insurance companies will use this as proof that your injury was not serious, and minimize the compensation they pay out.

Equally imperative is to make sure you file claims for appropriate damages — any hints at overreaching may compromise your credibility should matters go to court.

The process, in all, can be confusing. An experienced, aggressive lawyer can help guide you through the process and obtain the compensation you need.

A Path To Recovery

The lawyers at Scales Law Office have more than 30 years of combined experience assisting victims of personal injury. To discuss your case, please call our offices at 304-267-9090, or schedule an appointment with us online.