Located and practicing in Martinsburg and throughout Eastern West Virginia
Located and practicing in Martinsburg and throughout Eastern West Virginia

Protection In Domestic Disputes

Domestic violence is never acceptable. When matters that involve abuse arise — whether you have been abused or have been accused of abuse — it is imperative to get legal help.

The team at Scales Law Office has over 30 years of experience working on domestic violence-related cases. We understand how the law works and can fight to make sure you are safe and treated fairly under the law.

Emergency Protective Orders

Sometimes action needs to be taken quickly. Emergency domestic violence protective orders are granted on short notice by the court and remain in effect until a full hearing is scheduled. The Scales Law Office can take swift legal action in abusive situations to make sure you are safe.

Legal Protection For Children

When abuse involves children, protection is likely your first instinct. It’s important to know that West Virginia law allows a court to make an emergency award of custody to a single parent. When clients come to us with child safety concerns, we have the ability to file a petition with the court quickly.

If you have questions about domestic abuse, restraining orders or even a protective order violation and need to talk to a lawyer, we can make sure you understand your rights and can handle the entire legal process.

Defending Your Rights

Domestic battery or assault may create significant criminal issues for the accused. Penalties for domestic violence include:

  • Penalties for domestic assault could include six months of jail time and $100 fine. For a second offense jail time ranges from 30 days to six months and a fine of $500.
  • The penalty for domestic battery could include a year in jail and a fine of up to $500. If this is your second charge you could face up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

There are additional consequences as well. Most importantly, the establishment of a criminal record can make it extremely difficult to find – or keep – employment. Your right to bear arms may no longer apply pursuant to federal law.

After a criminal charge, it’s important to have a legal representative to make sure your side of the story is heard. Our team will work hard to reduce the charges you face, and will ensure your fair treatment.

The Representation You Need

Contact the Scales Law Office in Martinsburg if you are experiencing domestic abuse or if prosecutors have brought criminal charges against you. Get in touch and call 304-267-9090, or reach us online.