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Located and practicing in Martinsburg and throughout Eastern West Virginia

Extravagant weddings leave spouses struggling

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2019 | Firm News

Many people dream of a perfect wedding from the time they are little. Brides are not alone in this, and many grooms have clear and specific ideas of how they expect their big day to play out. Perhaps some have the feeling that the more special the wedding event, the stronger their marriage bond will be. Sadly, this is often the opposite of the truth.

If you and your spouse spent months arguing over the cost of your wedding plans, it may have taken only a short time before you realized those disagreements carried over into your marriage. In fact, entering marriage with debt from an extravagant wedding is becoming a common factor in divorces in West Virginia and across the country.

A fight from the start

A recent study showed that 45% of couples who marry accumulate debt related to their weddings. Further, nearly half of those who racked up wedding debt ended up with money disputes so serious they have considered divorce. You may be in this situation. Perhaps you recall arguments with your intended about the cost of the venue, the gown, the reception or those little incidentals that add up, such as place settings, a cake knife and invitations. The list never seems to never end.

You may have been the one fighting for your perfect day, insisting on the high-end items and refusing to compromise on your wedding. On the other hand, you may have wanted to dial back the spending at the risk of upsetting your partner. Wherever you stood then, you are now facing a pattern of discord when it comes to money. When you returned from your honeymoon, the bills were waiting. You are not alone. More than 75% of couples with debt from their weddings argue about those financial obligations.

Breaking the cycle

Fewer than one third of married couples agree that going into debt for their weddings was worth it. You may have been like some who spent their cash gifts to repay the debt or like the majority who use the money for their honeymoons. No matter your choice, if your wedding debt was a source of contention before your marriage, you may still be struggling with differences in philosophies about spending and saving.

If your marriage is struggling, it is in your best interests to obtain information about your options. Such discord over money is likely to play a critical role in your divorce, including who is going to be responsible for the ongoing bills and repayment of accumulated debts. Having a skilled attorney on your side can help protect your rights and your finances. If you are considering a divorce and want to discuss your options, including the financial ramifications of separating, contact Scales Law Office for a consultation.