Located and practicing in Martinsburg and throughout Eastern West Virginia
Located and practicing in Martinsburg and throughout Eastern West Virginia

Protecting Your Children’s Best Interests

Custody and child support arrangements are important aspects of divorce that significantly impact all elements of the family. Child custody agreements set out terms regarding each parent’s time with the children while child support relates to the children’s financial needs.

Serving Martinsburg and throughout the State’s Eastern Panhandle, the attorneys at Scales Law Office have more than 30 years of combined experience facilitating custody and support matters. We can make sure your rights are protected in any final custodial agreement.

The Details Of Custody Arrangements

Custody disputes are common during divorce. It is important to plan for this because a judge must sign off on final terms. Our firm can help you work out a parenting plan and custodial arrangement.

We provide experienced counsel for a full array of custody-related considerations, including:

  • Issues that arise when one parent desires to relocate to another state
  • Modifications to custodial schedules and visitation agreements
  • Information concerning hearings, schedules and other court mandated requirements
  • Grandparents’ visitation rights

Negotiating Fair Child Support Payments

Child support must also be agreed upon and signed off by a judge. The amount paid can significantly affect the payer and the payee, as well as the children. Our team works hard to ensure that any amounts are fair and that your children’s needs are provided for.

Additionally, sometimes circumstances change and support needs to be modified. We can work to get an existing child support order modified or changed based on new information.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Agreements made before marriage sometimes come into play during divorce. These agreements are not always enforceable, especially regarding child support, custody or spousal support. If you’re concerned about something you signed, let the lawyers at the Scales Law Office take a look at the documents.

The best way to handle your concerns regarding child support or custody is to consult with the Scales Law Office. We can get you the information you need and won’t hesitate to take action when your rights are in jeopardy. Call us at 304-267-9090, or schedule an appointment online.